Two familiar faces in the South, some may call them and know them as “Wheelchair Man” and “Ice Cream Man”, but this Christmas week, we’re introducing them with their real names and inspiring stories. ☺️

Two men, two amputees, one lost a leg and the other lost both. 😔 But even when both faced such trials and hardships in life, we still see them both sharing a huge smile in the streets, one on his wheelchair and the other while selling ice cream even with just one leg. 🍦👍🏼 This Christmas, may the life and stories of Kuya Gil and Kuya Christopher encourage us especially those who are going through some difficult times in this season. 🌈 💫

May we remember the many likes of Kuya Gil and Kuya Christopher as we celebrate our Noche Buena and Christmas salubong with our loved ones. 🎁 And just like them, may we never give up but choose to overcome through Someone that we celebrate in this season – Jesus Christ. 💗💗💗

My simple mission this Christmas – to make these two special men smile by blessing them with a simple surprise and a prayer. 🤗☺️🙂 Happy and Heartfelt Christmas Mission – Accomplished! ✅

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