A Reverse Birthday Surprise

A Reverse Birthday Surprise

Surprise! 🎉🎂 How many of us here honestly enjoy surprises? I do! That’s why during my 14th birthday last September I did something reversed. I added a twist in celebrating a milestone in my life.

In each year and in every candle added on my birthday cake, I realize how God is blessing me in so many ways. So this year, instead of being surprised by family and friends I decided uhmmm why not do the opposite and suprise someone instead? Or better yet surprise a group of girls and make them feel how special and loved they really are!

So that’s what we did for Say Grace’s second episode! 🙂 And here are just a few things that we did:

  1. Made some delicious and moist chocolate cupcakes with the help of Ate Mabel at my favorite Marta’s Cakes
  2. Bought some yummy meals for the girls and I to enjoy at Tropical Hut 
  3. Prepared some fun activities and surprises for the girls at the stunning venue in the South, The Monochrome

And Voila! A successful Reversed Birthday Surprise was accomplished! To watch the surprise and how the girls from Bahay Parola reacted, check my latest vlog here. And don’t forget to share some love and SUBSCRIBE for your weekly dose of happiness. 😊



Thank you so much to the following for making my birthday extra special:

Tropical Hut | Ang Bahay Parola | Victory Sta.Rosa | Marta’s Cakes | The Monochrome | Time Horizon Pictures | Marquee Music | Jokko Peña | Mark Que